siri stunt scooter – black

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siri stunt scooter – black

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siri stunt scooter is the answer for the most demanding users. the product is aimed primarily at people who are thirsty for sensations, who are interested in performing spectacular acrobatics using a scooter. thanks to its design and the materials used, the user has full control over the vehicle.

the handlebar and its reinforcement are made of the highest quality steel alloy. at its ends are rubber-covered grips, which are designed to ensure the most stable grip possible . the direction of travel is changed by maneuvering the steering wheel accordingly.

racing requires hardware
reliability and great control . the vehicle’s platform has been lined with non-slip material, and its wheels are resistant to various types of impacts resulting from various tricks and acrobatics. moreover, h the ulajnoga is equipped with a traditional foot brake, activated when the fender is pressed down.
our scooters are a great gift for kids who love to move and explore. until a few years ago these vehicles were more of a memory. today, somewhat forgotten scooters are starting to win the hearts of both parents and children again.

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