folding scooter alex – black

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folding scooter alex – black

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alex folding scooter is one of the compact options in our offer. This compact vehicle has a number of amenities that increase safety and driving comfort. the vehicle is designed for children and its load capacity is as high as 80kg .
is made entirely of high quality aluminum alloy . the handles of the steering wheel and the platform are lined with a special non-slip rubber. additionally, noteworthy is the system that allows you to fold the equipment to a more compact size. the aforementioned solutions significantly increase the comfort and safety while driving.

wheels, which the scooter is equipped with, are made of durable and flexible rubber, which prevents from developing too high speed while riding. in addition, the scooter is equipped with a traditional foot brake. just press the fender against the wheel and the vehicle will brake.

gimme alex scooters are a great gift for any child or teenager who loves spending time outdoors. it is also a very practical product for people living in big cities. from now on, moving around the city or on public transport on the way to school or friends will become even easier and faster.

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